Denver Investment Properties – 2013 Outlook

Quick post on what 2013 should look like regarding Denver Investment Properties.

Lets break down some key factors and how they’ll affect the rest of this yr:

Interest Rates: Both owner and non-owner occupant rates are super low, almost free money.  Savvy investors are buying now because they’re cash flowing more due to these low rates.

Vacancy Rates: My clients tell me all the time they put an ad on Craigslist and have 20 responses in less than an hr.  Inventory can’t keep up with demand, which means bidding wars amongst renters.  I was speaking with another agent last week, he told me he just rented out a house to a business owner that gave him $1,000 to spend at her retail shop in Denver if he accepted her application.

Market Rents: Supply & Demand 101, extremely low vacancy rates means rents are soaring.

Appreciation: There is a huge pinch happening right now in Denver and the surrounding areas.  Homes/Condos available for purchase are extremely limited.  Denver’s population is the largest its ever been right now and our inventory is the lowest its ever been since the MLS has been in existence!!  Same is true for Denver Income Properties for sale due to low interest and vacancy rates, matched with soaring rents and appreciation.  My office, in the Lower Highlands/LoHi, appreciated 26% last yr!

Everyone’s situation is different.  Give me a call/email to discuss how to get started, or maybe take advantage of selling a current asset and utilize a 1031 exchange into a larger asset.  Denver Investment Properties are on fire right now, lets talk to see how you can take advantage of the factors mentioned above:

Brian MacMillan: Investment Specialist



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