B-R-R-R Your Way To An Investment Portfolio

If you’re looking at building a rental portfolio for both cash flow and future appreciation, think about doing so through the acronym B-R-R-R:

Buy – Rehab – Rent – Refinance

First, I’ll help you find a property in a distressed state, or just one that needs updating.

Second, I can refer you to contractors that will come in and quickly renovate the property after your acquisition.

Third, either you or a property management company will rent the property at top dollar.

Lastly, you’ll either work with a lender to do a cash out refinance, or secure a second mortgage through a HELOC on the property which you can use to purchase your next property to do all over again.

Here’s a few photo examples of one of my personal B-R-R-R rentals:




Denver Investment Properties continue to offer well above average returns, both short and long term. I personally invest in the market and am happy to discuss all investment strategies with you, just reach out via email or the phone.

Look forward to talking with you.

Brian MacMillan – REALTOR
Investment Specialist