Denver Bargain Foreclosure: Fix & Flip Opportunity

Today’s Denver Bargain Foreclosure is located in Park Hill East, just a few minutes from Downtown Denver. This Denver Fix and Flip Opportunity is pretty straight forward. List price is $96k, it is a 2/1 ranch with 1039 sq ft, no garage. Past comps, in current beat up condition, are right on list price, up to about 106k. I have the ARV numbers coming in at 175k on the low end, 190k on the higher end. Rehab costs should be right around 30k on this one, since there isn’t a basement. That means roughly $30,000-35,000 in profit! This area of town is a great location for a low risk fix and flip project, but it will go quickly!! Contact Me for more info on this Denver Bargain Foreclosure/Fix and Flip Opportunity.

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