Denver Real Estate Investor Special

Today’s Denver Real Estate For Sale Investor Special is in one of the best appreciating areas of Denver: Potter Highlands, also known as The Highlands.  If you read/watched yesterday’s blog article, you know that Denver Real Estate has turned the corner and is showing many signs of positive growth.  With that being said, investors should really start concentrating on buying and holding properties over the next 5-10 yrs.  The main reason for this approach would be to buy low, then sell high in 5-10 yrs, cash flowing with renters during the holding period.

Now for the numbers: The list price on this 3b/1b Denver Highlands Home for Sale is 130k.  By putting 20k down, you’ll cash flow approx $600/month, not a bad return, especially for this area of town!

BTW, this property was on my Daily Hotsheet that I send off M0nday-Friday that shows all the latest listings around town and how much under market they are.  Contact Me to get more info and to take advantage of the technology resources we have available!

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