Denver Investment Properties: Current Average Profit is $91,000!!!

If you’re interested in real estate investing, Denver is the place to be.  As of the second quarter, 2014, the average gross profit of Denver investment properties was $91,000!!  This return happens to be 52% higher than the national average.

Recently, I wrote a guest blog post for All Denver Real Estate’s site discussing the current trends and opportunities in the Denver market.  Long story short, if you can find value add scenarios, in good locations, you’ll be successful as long as you’re working with experienced partners.

I’ve been helping investors in the Denver market reach their real estate investing goals for over 10 yrs now.  I’m also personally an active real estate investor and happy to share my experiences and thoughts on where the best opportunities are.  Shoot me a call or an email to set up a consultation, we can meet at my office in the heart of Denver’s Lower Highlands (LoHi).

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