Just Sold: City Park 4-Plex/Quad

Just Sold: 2126 N High St, Denver CO 80205

Sold Price: $1,150,000

I represented the Buyers on this purchase who purchased as an owner occupant (they plan to live in 1 of the 4 units as their primary residence).

My clients are planning on fixing up all 4 units as they become available over the next few yrs, then raising rents to market rates, and potentially doing the same process all over again while keeping this building as a cash flowing investment.

Lets talk about interest rates and how those affected this deal….we were able to get a large Seller concession to buy my client’s rate down through a 3-2-1 buy down. My clients have a 3% interest rate for the first year which allows them to live essentially mortgage free (the 3 other units are paying the mortgage through their rent payments) the first yr, which then allows them to put $$ back into the property that they might not have with our current market rates.

If you have desire, motivation, and dreams to get ahead in life, this scenario is for you! Reach out to discuss further, I’m Not Hard To Find.