Denver Foreclosed Home For Sale: Fix & Flip Opportunity

Not only is today’s Denver foreclosed home for sale a Denver fix and flip opportunity, but is also a great buy and hold opportunity. The sub area is Sloans Lake, which is essentially 5 mins west of downtown, walking distance to Investco Field, home of the Denver Broncos. Sloans Lake has been an up and coming area the past few years, making it very desirable for primary residence buyers wanting to be close to all the major attractions around Denver. The rental market is also extremely strong and sought after, making this a great Denver buy and hold location.

Today’s property is two blocks off the south side of Sloans Lake, listed at $173,400. It is a 4b/2b, 2 car detached garage, 1376 total sq ft, built in 1948. I would project 40k needed for a fix and flip scenario, bringing in the ARV (after repair value) to 250k. A buy and hold scenario would dictate about 10-18k needed for rehab work prior to leasing.

If interested in Denver fix and flip opportunities or Denver buy and hold properties, Contact Me to make sure you are receiving my Daily Hotsheet that has all the listings that hit the market that day, letting you know how much under market value they are. Inventory is going down, the best properties are getting snatched up in a matter of days, you need to make sure you have technology available to you to stay ahead, which is what we offer.

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